ESI Awarded LEED Certification

Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI) engineered the Indoor Air Quality Plan at 828 Winter Street, Waltham, MA, which was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. LEED is one of the most popular and demanding energy efficient certifications when designing and constructing a building.

LEED has become a cornerstone in building standards and environmental concerns. Originally developed by the non-profit U.S Green Building Council; it includes a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of each building. The nationwide endeavor to preserve, recycle, and eliminate the unnecessary waste of natural resources has become sought after. Numerous contractors are working towards meeting LEED and other green standards for achieving higher energy efficiency and cost reduction buildings.

A superior standard of indoor environmental quality is essential in green buildings to protect the health and comfort of building occupants. To ensure compliance during the construction phase, documentation and photos must be recorded; after the completion of construction, an air quality test must be conducted to make sure that any contamination and dust is cleared.

No building can establish good indoor air quality without an air filtration system. Supplying ample amounts of fresh air to the building before and during occupancy is extremely important; it will establish the desired level of the indoor air quality. Occupants of green buildings are exposed to far lower levels of indoor pollutants, contributing to the health and comfort of the buildings occupants and their productivity.

The client, King Street Properties, identified early on their desire to make the building LEED certified. 828 Winter Street is a Class A, multi-tenant, 144,000 square foot laboratory and biotech facility designed for life sciences. The building contains a commissary style café and gathering lounge, an outdoor seating area with a landscaped courtyard and fire table, and includes a three-story, 155,000 square foot, open parking garage.

ESI developed and implemented the indoor air quality plan in order to protect the health of both the construction workers and the building occupants. ESI, along with the architect and MEP engineers, planned and designed the construction stages together to ensure the goal was achievable. After careful evaluation, the finished building was awarded the Silver LEED certification.